Gridcoin Introduction

  • The following guides explain how to set up the Gridcoin Research wallet client on the platform of your choice.
  • If you have not yet installed the BOINC client, you should read the BOINC installation guide to setup BOINC on the platform of your choice. The BOINC client has to be installed alongside the Gridcoin client in order to verify BOINC account ownership and to access local BOINC statistics.
  • If you want to run Gridcoin in investor-mode only, you do not need to install/run BOINC.
  • Since you're using the pool, you do not need to add your email address to the gridcoinresearch.conf file. The setup process should be quicker than if you were participating in DPOR via solo-crunching, as you do not need to advertise a beacon to join the Neural Network.

Install the Gridcoin client

Microsoft Windows
Debian Packages (Ubuntu)
Launchpad built ubuntu releases
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gridcoin/gridcoin-stable
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install gridcoinresearch-qt
  • gridcoinresearch
RPM Packages (OpenSUSE/Fedora)
OpenSuse/Fedora RPMs
AUR (Arch Linux)
Archlinux AUR package
Manually compile the Gridcoin client
Linux compiling guide Gridcoin GitHub Repo

Once the Gridcoin client has been installed, sync the blockchain!

    • Prior to being able to stake or transfer Gridcoin to/from the Gridcoin client you need to fully sync the Gridcoin client to the latest block on the blockchain (green tick under connections indicates a fully synced wallet)
      • You can download a snapshot of the blockchain from within the client by clicking 'Rebuild block chain | Download Blocks'.
      • Note: The 'Download Blocks' feature require the Gridcoin client to be running as administrator in windows; without admin permissions these features will throw an error.
      • If you're having issues with 'Download Blocks', you can manually download the latest snapshot here.
      • Note: The snapshot will not fully sync your client, but will rather bring you up to 80-90% sync. Allow your client to manually sync after the snapshot has been implemented.
    • If you are unable to acquire connections to the Gridcoin network, attempt the following:
      • Verify that your computer time is synced to your configured time server. is recommended.
      • Investigate whether or not your ISP is blocking the P2P traffic.
    • Regularly verify you're running the latest version of the Gridcoin client, as there are frequent updates. Notices of updates are posted regularly on Reddit/Twitter/IRC.
      • Both the 'Download Blocks' and 'Upgrade Client' features require the Gridcoin client to be running as administrator in windows; without admin permissions these features will throw an error.

Alternatively to running the official Gridcoin client

Bitshares wallets (OPEN.GRC)
Openledger RUDEX BTSABC Bitshares-Light Light client
HolyTransaction Coinomi