Team and Contributors

Core Developers

The main developers of the Gridcoin wallet

 Image of James Owens

James C Owens

Lead Core Developer

 Image of Marco Nilsson

Marco Nilsson

Core Developer

 Image of Cy Rossignol

Cy Rossignol (cycy)

Core Developer

 Avatar of iFoggz

Paul Jensen (iFoggz)

Core Developer

 Avatar of div72


Core Developer

Website Developers

The developers and maintainers of the website

 Avatar of Roboticmind

Roboticmind and Wiki Developer

 Avatar of Barton26

Barton26 Maintainer & Community Moderator

 Image of Ben Swinburn

Ben Swinburn (ShmoogleOsukami) Maintainer

Other Roles in the Community

 Image of NeuralMiner


Community Moderator

 Avatar of jringo


Community Engagement & Education

 Avatar of Pythonix


Twitter Manager

 Avatar of delta


Discord Wallet Bot Maintainer & Community Engagement

 Avatar of Startail

Startail Developer

 Avatar of Tsarev Vladimir

Tsarev Vladimir (sau412) Developer

 Avatar of bryhardt

bryhardt (bgb)

Grcpool Developer

Package Managers

 Image of Richard Leckinger

Richard Leckinger (caraka)

Debian/Ubuntu Package Manager

 Image of Albert Mikaelyan

Albert Mikaelyan (Tahvok)

Arch Package Manager

 Image of Matthias Bach

Matthias Bach (theMarix)

openSUSE Package Manager

 Avatar of kingbeowulf


Slackware Package Manager

 Avatar of tunisiano


Chocolatey Package Manager

 Avatar of Martin Schimandl

Martin Schimandl (git-jiro)

MacOS Package Manager

Other Contributors

Many contributors of past and present can be found on the contributor tab of the Gridcoin-Research repository, the Gridcoin-Site repository, and other repositories under @gridcoin-community.

Countless others work on Gridcoin from community building, translations, tools, and more