Get Some Gridcoin

  • In Gridcoin's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system, BOINC rewards are given when a user stakes, along with an additional 10 GRC.
  • Since Gridcoin 5.4 you don't have to stake on your own to get BOINC rewards. Instead you can get your rewards by clicking a button and paying a small fee to have somebody else stake for you via an MRC request. See this wiki entry for further details.
    • For monthly staking, a balance of 5000 GRC is recommended.
    • Note: Your balance does not affect the amount of the payout, only how frequent. You also need to wait around 16 hours before any coins received are able to stake.

Ways to Get Gridcoin

If you don't want to buy any Gridcoin, you can get some through the faucets or through pool mining.
On most exchanges you need to first buy Bitcoin in order to buy Gridcoin.

Free/Starter Gridcoin

Centralized exchanges