Earn GRC via Proof of Stake

    • Once running an up-to-date fully synced client with a positive balance, all that is required to earn staking rewards is for you to leave the wallet open and online. It will take up to 16 hours for your coins to fully start staking.
    • If you have locked your wallet (it is not locked by default), you can use the "unlock for staking only" option to enable staking with a locked wallet.
    • The more coins that are in your wallet, the more likely it is that you will stake a given block and earn staking rewards. You earn 10 GRC for every block you stake plus any fees in that block.
    • You can see your "average time to stake" by hovering over the staking icon in the bottom right of the wallet. Note that this is an average so sometimes you will stake "less often" or "more often" than "expected". It is not unlikely to go 5x your estimated time to stake.
    • Best practice is to continuously stake 24/7 if possible, since you have an opportunity to stake each block (even if your probability is low) and coin age is not considered within the staking probability calculation.
    • For more information please see our wiki entry on staking.